8 Situations That Call For Therapeutic Massage

The human body is like a machine. It is composed of different systems and functions that work hand-in-hand, and the result is your ability to perform your daily tasks easily and efficiently. With the help of oxygen, proper nutrition, and enough sleep, you will always have the strength and energy to perform at your best and to ensure success in life.

However, over time, normal wear and tear takes place, especially in this day and age when most people have jam-packed daily schedules and stressful desk jobs.

Still, whatever your lifestyle may be like, it is imperative that you take a moment for yourself to recharge. And one excellent way to do this is to head to a spa to receive the best therapeutic massage from technicians who have taken the proper massage courses and undergone extensive training.

Getting therapeutic massage is one of the best ways to relieve the stress and pain associated with daily living. And since it targets the tension in overworked muscles, it will help restore your range of motion. Bad posture, headaches, and pain are just a few of the indicators that your body needs rest and relaxation.

Here are eight “red flags” telling you that your body needs a massage ASAP.

1. Frequent headaches

Headaches can be related to a hormone imbalance or dehydration and improper nutrition. But if you are always experiencing headaches, this may be caused by a tension in your head, neck, and back. Reputable massage therapists make use of natural tools to relieve a headache, including their in-depth understanding of pressure points and the use of essential oils.

2. Feeling stressed out

Stress is a multi-faceted problem that is caused by a combination of family situations, emotions, health issues, work deadlines, a packed schedule, and obligations. It is inevitable for you to experience stress, but this does not mean that you should just let it affect and ruin your life.

Instead, make an effort to minimize it and prevent it from making your life miserable. The best way to decompress is to receive relaxing massage therapy.

3. Inability to move some parts of your body freely

Common range of motion issues that entail a massage therapy include the difficulty of extending your arms all the way and moving your neck from left to right and vice versa. A massage can be of great help if you are suffering from any of these muscular restrictions.

4. Not getting enough sleep

Having a good night’s sleep is crucial to your ability to perform your daily routines energetically and efficiently. Receiving therapeutic massage can help resolve insomnia because it promotes relaxation, increases sleepiness, and reduces blood pressure.

5. Becoming easily exhausted

If you feel exhausted even if you are just starting your day, your body might be working too hard. This can be caused by lack of sleep, bad posture, poor diet, or a sedentary lifestyle.

Massage therapy can help make you feel a lot better as it can boost your energy by enhancing circulation. Also, this can help correct bad posture so you can get sufficient rest and move your entire body smoothly and naturally.

6. Body pain

Are you suffering from on-going pain in some parts of your body, such as in your shoulder, neck, back or hip? This type of pain should not be ignored because this means that your body is requesting for relief. A massage session with a well-trained therapist can provide such relief.

Apart from relieving knots and tension, a massage session will trigger your body to release endorphins. This neurotransmitter can provide a sedative-like relief, meaning your body won’t perceive pain anymore. Pains related to injuries can also be relieved through sports and remedial massage which can be combined with physical therapy.

7. Your last massage was months ago

A massage works best when it’s done on a regular basis. So if you haven’t received a massage in months, now is the best time to get it. After that, make sure to receive at least one massage session every month. But if you are recovering from an injury, you must receive it more often in a month.

8. You intend to start working out

Working out means undertaking high-impact cardio and putting strain on your body to build new muscles. However, this should be done moderately. You need to take care of your muscular system so it can bear the amount of strain you put into it.

Massage therapy will help stretch out your muscles, release tension to prevent injuries, and improve your range of motion. It is a big help in helping you solidify and achieve your fitness goals.

Indeed, massage therapy plays a crucial role in maintaining excellent overall health and well-being. But make sure to get it only from well-trained, certified massage therapists to reap as many of its benefits as possible. So schedule a monthly massage session now!


Marc Innes is the Owner and Principal of the School of Natural Therapies, a training school for Massage & Holistic Therapies located in London. Marc began his career in the NHS, working in a number of managerial and training roles within the Ambulance Service in London. He spent much of that time educating and coaching medical staff. Over time, he developed an interest in all things complementary to Allopathic Medicine, in particular, Reiki Healing and EFT, which culminated in running a successful teaching and ‘energy healing’ practice. Marc is passionate about the massage and complementary therapy industry.