An Ultimate Guide to the LASIK Surgery!

Human eyes are the most unique yet rare part of the human body. Since you have had them as you were born you might think that you know a lot about them. But you might be wrong about that. The average blink in a second of a human eye lasts 1/10th. Humans blink almost 12 times in a minute. Eyes are quick healers. If proper care is taken it only takes 48 hours that is 2 days for the eye to heal from corneal scratches.

All around the wide world, around 39 million humans are blind and hardly 6 times of that amount get vision impairment. Doctors haven’t actually found a way to transplant a human eyeball. The optic nerve which connects our eye to the brain is very sensitive that it cannot succeed. The cells of our eyes come in many shapes. There are cells which allow you to perceive thing are rod-shaped, and the cells which let you see colors are cone-shaped.

LASIK surgery which is Conventional LASIK or Traditional is FDA approved, effective and safe way to serve vision correction errors. By using Traditional LASIK method, patient’s optical prescription is sustained by using the exact same method that helps in determining the prescription for contact lenses and eyeglasses. The information that is provided by the methods is later entered into the FDA confirmed computer laser. The laser then makes the doctor reshape their patient’s cornea through the LASIK method. Some advantages and disadvantages of LASIK are given below:-

Advantages of LASIK

  • Success rates are very high. This surgery is performed to correct your vision and further post-surgical improvements can correct your vision.
  • Very minor pain is involved in the procedure. The surgeons use drops to numb for alleviating any kind of discomfort.
  • Your vision is immediately correct right after the surgery or maybe a day later.
  • You have no need to wear any awkward bandages and there are no stitches either.
  • Adjustments will be made to correct your vision in case of aging and any problem; no costs will be applied to you.
  • You might have no need to wear contacts or eyeglasses completely or reduce the need for it.

Disadvantages of LASIK

  • Any changes that will be made during the surgery to your cornea will be permanent; therefore in case of errors, it cannot be changed. This is the reason why a very skilled laser eye specialist is necessary.
  • A patient might end up losing their vision permanently but that happens in rare cases which means that they might still need to use eyeglasses after the surgery.
  • Not everyone is qualified for this method.

The only and best way to completely understand this procedure and to check if you fit to be a candidate is by getting a free consultation from a LASIK surgeon that is skilled. If you are deciding to get LASIK or any other laser surgery San Antonio then this anchor have the ophthalmologists (eye specialists) available to treat your sight of vision.

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