Best Treatments for lunch time

If you are looking for a skincare results then going for a peel or light treatment is the best answer you must choose. Facial is luxury for society and consumers are looking for fast treatment methods with quick results. Due to this growing needs in skincare industry, demand for short 30 minute treatments with immediate benefits are becoming prominent and brands are looking to develop lunch break pop ins or short skin care appointments for body and face. Below are some of the speedy treatments available that can be useful to those looking for quick resolutions.

Half-Hour power

A skincare facial with a 30 minute blast can offer a lot of facial boost to every part of the body. Facials products available for this activity can be really useful and helpful to restore skin balance, energy and increase penetration of water inside skin making it glow. Deep massage facial technique is one of the most common type of techniques which can give immediate benefits without compromising on luxury. If you are looking for such lunch time facial in Singapore then you must contact Shakura and glow your skin gorgeously.

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Another type of facial relaxation available for your skin is named as A-Lift. It can be given to tone your skin in effectively 30 minutes. The main efficient use of this technique is that it uses the innovative nano-technology which can improve skin structure and product better results. The technique is completely pain-free and make you glow for an event in no time. Some of the well-known celebrities have used this technique and as a result, it has become quite popular.

Quick Spa

Speedy spa treatments can be done also in quick time as little as fifteen minutes. This method has helped a lot of customers looking for regular skin treatment without having to spend much time into the long techniques.

Beauty bars

There are so many beauty bars available to help customers looking for an effective short treatment. Such bars have been designed especially to help customers condense an effective massage technique which can do quick treatments. Another type of treatment available is relaxing neck and scalp massage which can be useful to get a quick time useful for the customers.

Micro power

Are you looking for a sudden breakout or a cold snap left you in a bad reaction, if yes then you can go a 20 minute session that can help you care from acne, dullness or irritation and can give you relief from any type of bugging that may be arising from a use of new product.


If you want to rejuvenate your mind and body with the use of oil therapy then you can go for a 30 minute facial miracle to flag your faces. It can soothe the stress out of your body and any type of energising required. One can go for a powerful yet gentle treatment with concentrated oils. You can look for this option if you want to get rid of any type of skin problem.