Breast Enlargement FAQ'S

For women considering having cosmetic surgery to get their desired breast size, below are answers to some of the most common questions; from the initial consultation to what happens during the procedure and aftercare.

What happens during the consultation?

The first step is to find a plastic surgeon who is skilled, experienced and specialised in breast surgery like Dr Rodney Cooter at Waverley House a breast enlargement clinic in Adelaide. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon should take your medical history, examine the patient and determine if they are a suitable candidate for a breast enlargement procedure.

The plastic surgeon will also advise you on the most suitable procedure for your individual situation, it is common for patients to ask for breast implants, but after an examination of their breasts, the surgeon could discover that they could also benefit from a breast lift. You should also be completely informed about the plastic surgery including what the procedure entails, the benefits, risks, potential complications and aftercare.

What happens before the surgery?

Before surgery, you will be admitted through the usual admissions procedure at the hospital, then be examined and prepared for your surgery. You will see the surgeon again and then sign a consent form. This form is to acknowledge that you feel that you are fully informed of the procedure and everything that comes with it.

What happens during the procedure?

During the breast enlargement surgery, after the patient is cleaned, prepared and the treatment area has been made sterile, the surgeon will make an incision. Through that incision, the surgeon will open a pocket either in front or behind the muscle. After the surgeon has made the pocket and prevented any bleeding he/she will trial different implant sizes and shapes as required or as discussed with you prior to surgery.

When the surgeon determines that the right size has been achieved the final implant is selected and placed. The wound is then closed in layers and usually, with an absorbable suture and these do not need to be removed.

What can you wear to support the area post operation?

Your plastic surgeon will tell you when to move from an elasticated support bra to a normal bra. Generally, after you've been given the okay to stop wearing the support bra, a soft sports bra is advised.

What kinds of symptoms are normal and abnormal post op?

Symptoms include some discomfort and swelling, minor shooting pains or prickling but these are often managed by painkillers. Symptoms to look out for which are not normal are increased fever, pain, swelling or redness. In the rare occasion that any of these symptoms persist, contact your surgeon immediately.