Can Cannabis Help You Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking is by far one of the most difficult and physically draining things to do for a person who has been smoking for a significant period of time. This is because of the presence of Nicotine in tobacco, a very addictive chemical that is more addictive than heroin.

The effects of nicotine withdrawal can be so powerful that the chances for a relapse are very high, especially during the first week of quitting. Some major signs of nicotine withdrawal include extreme irritability, very strong cravings for another cigarette of course, sweating, chills, fatigue anxiety and severe mood swings.

So what could be a possible remedy to get over these issues and quit smoking once and for all?

There is one highly recommended remedy, backed by several researches – Cannabis.

According to researchers at the University College, London, the cannabidiols present in the Cannabis plant help reduce cigarette addiction. As part of their study, they found that participants who used a CBD inhaler lowered their cigarette use by up to 40%.

How it works

The cannabidiol CBD is responsible for helping patients get through the withdrawal symptoms and finally do completely away with cigarettes. It basically helps remove any positive smoking memories that the person may have from the brain. It affects the memory process called “reconsolidation” which happens when the patient sees someone else smoking and a memory of the experience get re-activated in the brain. This is something that could be highly destructive when the patient is in a vulnerable stage and Cannabis, more specifically the CBD in Cannabis; helps reduce the salience to such triggers.

There are many forms or products that can be used to quit smoking.

Some popular ones available on include strains with a high level of CBD, CBD inhalers and CBD oils.

High CBD strains help relieve the craving for smoking and the sense of relaxation received from the process. The patient can simply light up a high CBD strain and enjoy the same experience.

CBD inhalers are found to be very effective in terms of relieving withdrawal symptoms. They are comparatively new in the market for Cannabis but they can do a great job. It would be good to have someone already experienced in using inhalers along, while trying it out.

CBD oils help reduce stress to a great extent. It also helps control cigarette cravings and improves the quality of sleep.

Thus, Cannabis can be one of the most effective natural remedies to quit smoking once and for all.