New Makes use of For Old Tires, That Resolve An Environmental Challenge

Environmental Health publishes manuscripts on all aspects of environmental and occupational medicine and associated research in toxicology and epidemiology. Apart from the basic environmental health duties which had hitherto been talked about this cadre of officer has been incredibly beneficial in the implementation of primary health care services in the nation at all level of government federal, state, and regional government”. Responsibility for providing advice on environmental health matters to the Minister for Health and a wide variety of Commonwealth, State and Territory agencies, sector and the common community rests with the Department’s Workplace of Health Protection.

Thus the function of EHO is indispensable in this context and will price less and even if it will price considerably it is only for some time prior to environmental scenario of the nation be put in order, however according to Dr Magashi the pre-occupation of federal ministry of health, UNICEF, and WHO on RBM, is the provision of mosquito nets which commenced final year2002, which is not inside the reach of frequent man in the villages and town and also not economical to afford” emphasis mine.

A lot more so, every Dick and Harry is claiming to be an environmentalist regardless of not becoming so. It now attain a stage where by most or all the policy makers in federal, state ministries of environment and other environmental handle agencies are occupied by whollyand or partially none any environmental health officers or other qualified that has little or no information on the environmental health.

TOXMAP’s chemical and environmental health information and facts is taken from the NLM’s Toxicology Information Network (TOXNET) 13 and PubMed , and from other authoritative sources. We do hope our leaders at all level will see cause and give a lot more emphasis on preventive health solutions rendered by environmental health officers and other specialist to the neighborhood, in order to save millions of naira getting spent on ailments that are preventable with small or no results. The health effects of toxic substances and hazardous wastes are not but completely understood.

I feel green collar jobs will increase in numebrs and reoplace some jobs outsourced over seas, employing far more of or our workers in something ongoing. Create a detailed know-how of the composition and properties of processed foodstuffs and their partnership with security, fitness, and top quality inside an overarching public health framework. It also refers to the theory and practice of assessing and controlling variables in the atmosphere that can potentially and affect health.

Alternate Treatment for Testicular Cancer

Among men with Stage I seminoma (a type of testicular cancer), post-surgery treatment with a single dose of the chemotherapy drug carboplatin is as effective as two to three weeks of radiation therapy, and also reduces the risk of cancer in the other testicle.

Patients with Stage I seminoma have a primary cancer that is limited to the testes. This stage of seminoma is curable in more than 95{5f722127f7ef34e8c4bc7eacab61c14081f05e14d4d52ac095a73022ded8d13d} of individuals.

The primary treatment of Stage I seminoma by a specialist cancer centre is to do a a surgical removal of the cancer by orchiectomy. Following surgery patients may receive additional treatment (such as radiation therapy) to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence or close surveillance to detect recurrence at an early stage.

Although radiation therapy is a standard treatment option, some studies have suggested that one or two doses of chemotherapy may be equally as effective. Chemotherapy may also offer the advantage of being more convenient and better tolerated.

To compare radiation therapy to a single dose of chemotherapy, researchers conducted a clinical trial among 1,477 men with Stage I seminoma. After surgery, the men were assigned to receive additional treatment with either two to three weeks of daily radiation therapy or a single dose of the chemotherapy drug carboplatin.

  • Risk of cancer recurrence was similar in the two study groups: 5{5f722127f7ef34e8c4bc7eacab61c14081f05e14d4d52ac095a73022ded8d13d} of men in the chemotherapy group and 4{5f722127f7ef34e8c4bc7eacab61c14081f05e14d4d52ac095a73022ded8d13d} of men in the radiation therapy group experienced a cancer recurrence.
  • Men in the chemotherapy group were less likely than men in the radiation therapy group to develop cancer in the opposite testicle.
  • Men in the chemotherapy group were also less likely to report feeling lethargic as a result of treatment.

These results suggest that men with Stage I seminoma have more than one effective option for reducing the risk of cancer recurrence.

Teaching Children the Importance of Good Sportsmanship

How do you bring up your child to believe in good sportsmanship when so often it seems like ‘win at all costs’ is the only mentality that matters? There are several issues that you can focus on, starting with being a good role model yourself and showing good sportsmanship when your child’s team are playing.

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Decide on Your Values

However, being able to demonstrate good sportsmanship for your child depends on being clear on your own values. Think about what good sportsmanship means to you. Is it applauding the opposing team when they score a great goal? When you’re watching sport on TV, do you criticise decisions you think are made against your team? You need to be clear on what values you want to pass on to your child.

Take Time to Listen

Now talk to your child about how they feel about their involvement in sports. Listen actively and encourage them to explore their feelings about what is fair and right. And give your child reassurance that what they’re feeling is valid.

A Code of Conduct

Deciding on a code of conduct can be very valuable for instilling values of good sportsmanship. There are model codes available. You could encourage parents and coaches to come together and develop a code that is relevant to your kids.

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Walk the Walk

The worst thing you can do is pay lip service to good sportsmanship. For example, if you’re watching a coaching session and the coach is using a rugby drill video from a supplier like, you need to be aware of your reactions to what’s happening on the pitch. Don’t denigrate the coach if you think he’s using the video in the wrong way or mock your child for not tackling the drill correctly.

You Set the Rules

Ultimately, if you see your child engaged in poor sportsmanship, it’s up to you to deal with the situation and to make it clear that their behaviour is unacceptable. Likewise, if the coach is letting poor sportsmanship slide or even encouraging it, you need to have the courage to confront them. But have a quiet word in private rather than reinforcing bad sportsmanship. Set a good example and your kids will follow.

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