Do all Men with Heart Disease Have Impotence?

Interconnection between heart disease and erection problems is obvious as both afflictions share several risk factors. Nevertheless, the question about the frequency of their concomitant development stays open. Numerous researches couldn't come to the common conclusion: whether impotence causes heart diseases or vice versa. To treat both conditions, you should consult your doctor and buy the needed medicines at at the best price.

What factors promote impotence and heart issues?

Lots of our life choices as well as health conditions may provoke both sexual dysfunction and heart disease in men. To the shared factors of risk belong:

  • Smoking;
  • Low physical activity and wrong eating habits and, as a result, excessive weigh;
  • High levels of cholesterol;
  • Elevated blood pressure;
  • Age over 45;
  • Diabetes.

A combination of at least two of the enumerated factors significantly grows the probability to get both afflictions.

What is the connection between impotence and heart ailments?

ED and heart issues (like, coronary heart disease) may evolve because of the changes in blood vessels caused either by atherosclerosis or hypertension. It has been noticed that men suffering from erectile dysfunction are twice more likely to evolve cardiological problems within five years than those, who had no troubles with potency. Besides, the risks increase as the severity of impotence grows.

On the contrary, men suffering from heart disease and those with a family history of this ailment, had very small chances to evolve any erection troubles. So, erectile dysfunction may be considered as a serious factor of risk for men's heart health.

How can impotence be managed?

Of course, prevention is always better than treatment. To reduce the probability of heart health issues evolved on the background of erectile difficulties in conjunction with other risk factors, one should try to minimize the influence of at least some of them. First of all, men should change their priorities in favor of healthy diet and sport.

Prevention of erectile malfunction is much more difficult. Nevertheless, there are various treatment options for restoring men's power. Just choose the one, which is best for your health. Buy Levitra 20mg online and forget about the problems with your intimate life.