Everything You Should Know About CoolSculpting

As many of you might already know, the inner thighs and the lower abdomen are very difficult places to be toned, even if you follow a strict diet and you have an active lifestyle. This is why, CoolSculpting, which is a nonsurgical procedure is gaining a lot of popularity, as it can help you out a lot with this. However, how much do you actually know about CoolSculpting?

If you already know what this procedure is meant for, and you are looking for a place where to have it done, just make sure to do proper research and choose a medical center that has a good reputation. For example, you can have this procedure done at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne if you wanted to, the only important thing is that you can trust the clinic and doctor who will be doing the procedure.

Get rid of your stubborn fat with CoolSculpting

What is CoolSculpting?

This procedure is considered as the number one (in the world) noninvasive body sculpting treatment. Over 4 million treatments were recorded, with over 70 published papers and about 5000 study patients. Those numbers add up over any other noninvasive body contouring device. A lot of you are probably wondering how the treatment is performed, right?

Well, this is an FDA approved treatment that uses the CoolSculpting decide, and it uses cold to destroy your fat cells in a certain area permanently, with no need for sedation like in liposuction. Every treatment could reduce the fat by about 20%.

The treatment

The first thing your doctor will do is take pictures and measurements of the area you want to thin down. An applicator that is attached to the CoolSculpting device will then be attached to the unwanted fat. This applicator will be chosen based on the shape, size and the ability to pinch your fat. Many applicators will have a certain suction degree.

The applicator that is used for the outer thighs is most commonly used on the flanks and it is flat without suction. After the applicator is chosen, it is applied so that there will be no space between the skin surface and the surface. This way, at the same time that the cold is applied there will also be temperature feedback to the device, meaning it can be adjusted automatically.

Don’t let your body make you feel insecure!

This treatment will usually take you about 35 minutes with one exception called theCoolsmooth’, which is used for the outer thighs and it will take double the time, about 75 minutes. Once the fat is frozen, it will then be crystallized, and the applicator can be removed. Your doctor will start to manually massage the area or it will be treated with radio waves, to surely break the crystals.

The cost

The overall cost of this treatment is usually between $750/cycle and $1500 per area. However, this is not a fixed price, it also depends on the place providing the treatment. If you are interested, check out the coolsculpting prices in Melbourne as well as other places that are the closest to you.

Final word

Stubborn fat can be very difficult to get rid of, and if that is the only issue you have with your body, CoolSculpting can help. However, before you opt for a surgery you know nothing about, you should take your time and learn more, Do proper research online, contact your doctor, and make sure to choose a clinic that has a good reputation.