Five Different Cannabis Ingestion Methods and How Can They Affect You  

Cannabis can create many different effects on our body however did you ever realize that it can react differently based on the way you ingest it. If you want to know various details about the methods of consumption of cannabis, you can read this small piece of writing. Cannabis reacts with our body differently if we change the style of its ingestion.

Here are few details about the effects of cannabis oil that you can observe by using different consumption methods.

  1. Smoking

By smoking cannabis, you modify the chemical formation of cannabis by use of heat that produces psychoactive THC. People who has ever smoked cannabis in their life will agree that when you inhale the smoke then the compound gives you “high” feeling. While smoking the THC will go to your bloodstream and travel to your brain and thus your psychoactive will get connected to cannabinoid receptors in your tissue and mouth. So, smoking is not a healthy way to ingest cannabis.

  1. Vaporization

Those who want fast relief but avoid the risk of smoking then vaporization can be a better alternate. Vaporization heats the cannabis to the extent that its resin gets released but does not burn it. THC enters to our central nervous system and bloodstream with vaporization but still you may struggle to get therapeutic dose of cannabis.

  1. Edibles

This is one of the most effective methods of delivering the cannabis and THC is changed into usable forms and produces a metabolite which is 4 to 5 times more psychoactive as compared to THC. Thus, edibles are more potent than inhaling or smoking cannabis. However, to make it more effective you must heat the cannabis.

  1. As tinctures

As tincture you need to make it by using alcohol as a solvent. The plant materials need to be heated with the solvent. As a tincture it can provide ultra-high doses of cannabis. Therefore, it is advisable to use little fat too and can provide faster relief.

  1. Raw cannabis

It is recommended to take along with juice and smoothies and its effects are still under study.