Getting Canadian Immigration is easier than before

With the decision of limiting the number of immigration in the recent year by big countries like Australia, America, and the USA, this is a great opportunity for Canada to welcome the immigrants to their country. According to a survey Canada has the capacity of welcoming 24,000 to 26000 permanent residents according to its 2018 plan.  This is more than any other country or even higher than their last 15-year record.

CIMC efficiency

CIMC (Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism Canada) is doing all that it can to make the immigration process as easier and efficient for the immigrants. They are going through each and every application by the federal skilled worker program. In the past, the immigration process was likely to stretch to more than 5 years in Canada but now it has reduced down to just 6 to 10 months.

What is the Federal skilled worker program?

This means to ensure that whoever is coming to their country has some kind of working skills. All the applications received at CIO at Nova Scotia. With the more efficient department, the overall time of immigration is being reduced drastically to 80 percent. This must have increased the workload on overseas Visa offices.

What are the factors of qualifying criteria?

There are many appropriate Visa offices where you have to send your Visa application, first, you have to choose the suitable qualifying criteria for your self and then send your application through Federal skilled worker program for the immigration. There are some factors that you have to keep in mind while applying for VISA.

  1. Any candidate who has an organized work can straightforwardly send their applications to the Canadian migration visa office.
  2. International understudies and transitory outside specialists, who are presently living in Canada lawfully for at least one year can present their applications to the Canadian migration visa office in Buffalo, New York.
  3. Applications under the Federal Skilled Workers program that qualify through the new experience prerequisites set for pastoral work are sent to CIO in Nova Scotia.

There are many high demand skills that are very noticeable in Canada like trade, finance, and health, medical. These are one of the most highly recommended skill sets if you want your immigration to go smoothly and you have to clear Canada immigration medical exam. This offer is also valid for those who are already in Canada on their student Visa and learning one of these skills.

On the off chance that you don't qualify under the government talented laborer program, you need not to lose heart. A migration pro can recommend the most ideal way out for you. Commonplace candidate program can likewise open the alternative of perpetual residency for you by means of the new Canadian Experience Class. A few different ways are accessible to Canada migration. Consequently, the most recent new changes in the Canada migration process guarantee that Immigration application handling for Canada is at standard with two of the most contending nations, New Zealand and Australia