How A Breast Reduction Can Help Your Overall Health

Breast reduction surgery produces significant improvements in multiple areas of quality of life and health; a study from the Medical Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports. The study looked at and recorded the physical and psychosocial health benefits met through Breast Reduction surgery.

Determining whether or not physical well-being improves after Breast Reduction surgery is required to justify insurance coverage, according to the researchers and study findings of Wexner Medical Center in Columbus.

Breast Reduction Surgery Factors

For decades, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery has been the one persistent excellent reference for every surgeon who uses plastic surgery techniques. Dr Andre Safvat is a breast reduction surgeon in Sydney, who blends integrity and genuine care with a perfectionist's approach to provide the most natural results. He along with other excellent Plastic Surgeons consider the mental, emotional and physical condition of their patients and make decisions based on their findings before confirming if a patient is suitable for Breast Reduction surgery.

Reported Improvements in Overall Well-Being Following Breast Reduction

This particular study was created to examine and prove the benefits of a breast reduction procedure — one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures worldwide. Studies in the past have reported Breast Reduction surgery to be incredibly productive in alleviating problems associated with excessively large breasts. The questionnaire in this particular study was used to develop the entire picture of the clinical outcomes.

49 patients underwent Breast Reduction surgery, and 78 percent of those patients completed a specific questionnaire before and after their surgery. The modifications in the patients lead them to report that they were satisfied with the quality of their lives and their breasts after Breast Reduction surgery.

The results exhibited incredible improvement in physical, sexual and psychosocial well-being surveyed both before and after in the questionnaire. On a 100-point scale system, the satisfaction regarding breast appearance improved from 20 prior to surgery to more than 80 following surgery.

There were also extraordinary changes in the scores in the psychosocial well-being category from 41 to 84, physical well-being from 43 to 85 and sexual well-being from 40 to 78. The Breast Reduction procedure substantially alleviated pain in the back, shoulders, neck and breasts in the patients.

Evidence-Based Outcomes Data

Contentment with the way the breasts looked after surgery was mostly linked to the overall outcome. Further to decreasing pain, the procedure led to massive improvements in the ability to exercise and sleep comfortably.

This study is crucial confirmation that Breast Reduction leads to major improvements in overall psychosocial and physical well-being. The decrease in chronic pain complaints, boost in physical activity and overall improvement in the quality of life determined in this study confirms that insurance coverage for Breast Reduction Surgery is necessary.