How you can use makeup to cover your varicose veins

Varicose veins are one condition that can be quite embarrassing especially for women. There are some women who undergo a lot of pain and swelling too. And there are some for whom this is majorly a cosmetic problem. Such ladies end up wearing long clothing, avoid going to the beach and basically just hide their desire to wear nice dresses. Well, if you are one of them, then what you can do is try and hide these varicose veins with the help of makeup and varicose veins treatment in Sydney. Albeit it is a little time taking, but it is well worth the trouble. Mind you, and this is just a cosmetic solution. You also need to make changes in your lifestyle so you can prevent and treat these varicose veins.

Just like covering up any wrinkles or pigmentation on your face, the same can also be done for your varicose veins or spider veins. All you need is - body makeup, sunless tanning cream or lotion, makeup brushes, concealer (waterproof), makeup sponges and/or airbrush leg sprays.

Tanning lotion/cream - The first step would be to apply some sunless tanning lotion over your legs. Rub it in well so that it gets absorbed neatly. It might take a while to dry. So you will need to set aside some time for this whole process. Also while selecting the cream, you need to ensure that the color is quite alike your own skin tone and color. This tanning lotion can be used at least twice a week so that a clear look is maintained. It would be best to wear your dress only once the cream or lotion dries completely. Else it could stain and create patches on your dress.

Body Make up – Again you need to take care that the body makeup that you use is the same shade as the skin of your leg. Once the above sunless tanning cream has dried; use a makeup sponge to spread the makeup on your legs. You can use your fingers too if you do not find using the sponge convenient. Apply light layers of the makeup over the varicose veins and ensure that you blend the edges properly. The best way to do it is to use a dabbing motion.

Concealer – Now use a makeup brush, preferably a thin one like as is used for an eyeliner. Dip it in the concealer (waterproof) and cover up the veins by using the concealer in thin lines. Ensure that the concealer shade you buy is a shade lighter than the makeup shade. You also need to make sure that the concealer is properly blended. You can use your finger or the sponge to dab it lightly and blend it well. Only then would it look natural.

Leg Spray – Some of you might have very small varicose veins or ones that are not too prominent. In such cases, you may not need the makeup at all. Just use an aerosol leg spray. Spray it and then blend it into your skin with your fingers.

Once you are done with the entire process, then go ahead and wear the dress of your desire. You need not to have any hesitation anymore just because you have varicose veins that look unsightly.