Is It Possible For One To Become A Respite Carer For A Given Child?


Respite care has an aim of providing the families and the children with the breaks that take place on a regular basis. On the other side, the carers are dedicated in their work towards taking their respectful availability into account in addition to taking the needs of the child’s family. The carers dictate the time when the child is with them over the whole period of placement. We find that there are carers who are always comfortable while with one child but there are others who have a capability of handling more than one child at a time.

Respite care for the children results in a number of reactions from these children. It is indicated that the children react to the new environment differently. We find out that there are children who always become aggressive and also uneasy when taken to these new atmospheres. On the other hand, there are children who always become over polite and ready to please when they move to this home. It is realized that there are some children that start acting as if they have never been taken care of as others try to withdraw into themselves.

There are some occasions whereby you find that there are children who are taken from the homes that are deprived. You find that these children feel neglected and it is realized that the level of care offered to them is not comparable to what they are offered by the carers. Thus, respite carers are always dedicated to working in line with the parents and the social services in ensuring that the parents are not overcome by the problems that they normally encounter.

Requirements for Being a Respite Carer


Respite care is made up of the carers who are trained and responsible people in offering attention services, support services, advice, and respite services to the children and their families. The respite carers:

  • Perform their tasks directly from their homes.
  • Are responsible for the preparation of the reports and the assessments.
  • Are held responsible for the provision of the emergency placements that are short term.
  • Offer support to the first time mothers immediately when they give birth and also during their expectant periods.
  • Are always available even when you offer them a short notice.
  • They are always ready to work with the children including those who are 14 years old.
  • They offer summer holiday care when you plan for it.
  • They always treat the children as if they are their family members.
  • They always keep listening and talking to the children.
  • They discipline the children.
  • They offer protection to the children in addition to looking after their needs.
  • They are always ready to work with different children.