Is 'Preventative' Botox in Your 20s and 30s Worth All The Hype?

Several of us are officially interested in non-invasive injectable treatments. In recent years, there has been an influx of younger patients deciding to have preventative Botox treatments sooner rather than later. But how do we know how soon is too soon?

In Your 20s:

The rule of thumb is to start treating lines when they begin to stick around. When you frown or smile, lines can form during the expression. They usually fade once the face has relaxed. Although, when fine lines and wrinkles start to stay around while your face is resting, that's when you should begin to consider getting preventative Botox treatments.

Unless those lines start to show at rest, Botox is not necessary. In some, this starts in their mid-twenties, while in others their mid-30. Yet, now more than ever, individuals request Botox in preparation for their fifteenth birthday!

The sooner you start Botox treatment, the better because Botox is best used as a preventative measure to prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Several individuals in their mid-twenties start Botox, which is a good age if you have an expressive face and lines.

Most facial lines seem to have a hereditary or genetic component, and once a younger person starts to notice lines that they see in their older relatives, it's time for Botox. If you're in your mid 20's and would like more information on preventative Botox visit a well-established clinic like; Jade Clinic Cairns Botox Treatment to learn more.

In Your 30s:

Depending on the amount of muscle movement, level of sun damage, and whether or not the person has a resting face, all of these factors come into play as to which age Botox treatment should start. For example, if there was a definite frown, it may be a good idea to start Botox treatments as early as 20 years old. Whereas, if the frown line was not as prominent 30 or at the latest 35 may be the appropriate age.


The best age to begin Botox treatment really depends on the skin type and colour. Normally, Caucasian women have the best results when they start Botox treatment between the ages of 35 and 40.  For darker skin tones, the right age to start Botox is generally a bit higher - 40 to 45, but it also depends on the circumstances.

If an individual has gone through extreme sun exposure or their lifestyle is harder on the skin due to living in high altitudes or smoking, then it could be much earlier. The correct age to begin Botox treatments is really irrelevant. The more important part is to thoroughly look at the dynamic wrinkles to determine if it's the right time for Botox.

When movement wrinkles on the upper part of the face start to stay after movement has stopped that's the best time to start preventative Botox treatments.