Is synthetic urine really effective for passing drug test?

Are you worried that results of your “dreaded test“ might cost your plum job? Do you doubt that synthetic urine won’t fake results in your favor? Or do you suspect that your prank will be nothing short of tragedy?

Well, I concur with you. The emotions can be weird, disturbing, and or draining.

But, for your information, worry no more!

Yes, synthetic urine is certainly effective for passing drug test. It’s also undetectable from the natural urine. Again, demand for synthetic urine is soaring.  And, synthetic urine is been used by leading drug testers to calibrate equipments.

However, quality, and correct use is all that’s needed for a synthetic urine to be effective in passing drug test.

What defines quality synthetic urine?

Here it is.

6 determinants for a quality synthetic urine.

  1. Reliable brand.

Chances are that you will most definitely come across some brands that are either outdated or of questionable quality. Again, it’s important to bear in mind that, with advanced technology, drug testers are using sophisticated devices that can detect “fake urine”. Therefore, it’s critical for you to ensure that you have a reputable brand that matches with technology and acclaimed for its quality.

  1. Type of test to be done.

It’s paramount as well to note the type of test to be done on your, so as to avail the relevant sample. You should know that different drug panels test for the presence of different substances in the urine. For instance, some panels test presence of only 7 substances, while others 10 and yet others can test for even 12 substances.

  1. Composition of the synthetic urine.

Much more important also, when buying synthetic urine sample is its composition. Urea, uric acids, creatinine and nitrate. All these urine components must mimic characteristics of natural urine.  

You should ensure that the products PH ranges 4.5-8 and has specific gravity that bears similarities with the natural one.

  • Correct temperatures.

This determinant stipulates that urine should be between 32 and 36 degrees centigrade when presented for testing. However, it’s of most importance to ensure that the synthetic urine samples you settle for allows for heating even several times in a day in order to avoid any inconveniences.

  • Liquid or powder form?

Many consumers seem to prefer pre mixed liquid samples. Reason been that chances of making mistakes while mixing powder ones remain high and this can bear an impact on the effectiveness of the test.

  1. Manufacturing date, storage conditions and instructions.

Finally, most synthetic urine samples are said to have a shelf life of about 2 years on average. Also, storage conditions should not expose the product to direct sunlight as this contributes to its degradation. By factoring all these factors, then you most definitely relax and enjoy as you await for the outcomes.

Desperate Measures in Desperate times!

Can I be honest with you for a moment?

Truth be told, at times we encounter challenges that calls for calculated moves. It’s a make or do, you’ve got only one shot to fire, you can’t dabble neither can you take the safe route.

Yes, risking becomes better than better.

And yes, it’s at these times that quality synthetic urine comes in hand.