Peptides for Healing and Injury Repair – The Commonly Used Peptides

There is a lot of research involving the use of peptides in the manufacture of a number of drugs for a wide variety of conditions. Their use in bodybuilding as well as in anti aging products is also not a secret. But peptides are also widely used for injury repair and healing, especially amongst athletes in competitive sports. Here are some of the common peptides used for these purposes:

Human Growth Hormone – HGH

Human Growth Hormone, commonly known as HGH, is a hormones used in healing as well as in the repair of injuries and tissues. Its widely used in muscle injuries but can also be used to heal torn tendons as well. It is what most competitive athletes use to heal shoulder injuries.

Tb – 500

TB – 500 normally works hand in hand with the Human Growth Hormone but it can also be used alone, with its common application being in healing injured shoulders and knees. It is very effective in reducing inflammation in such areas, especially those of fresh injuries. When combined with Ipomerelin, it becomes very effective in the healing of tendons. This is a favorite peptide for tennis players who tend to get frequent injuries on the knees and the elbows.

BPC 157

This is also known as the miracle cure due to the fact that it can be used in a number of injuries and doesn’t come with any side effects. Whether you have a torn tendon or you need quick recovery for the pain in your shoulders, this peptide will give you the necessary relief you need.


This is mostly used as a growth hormone releasing peptide when it is used in conjunction with TB-500 or HGH. With its actions, it promotes muscle growth and healing.