Physical Symptoms to recognize the Addiction of your loved ones

Alcohol or drug addiction is a serious problem not only to the people suffering from it but also it causes many issues in relationships, family, and friendship. At the initial phase, it is often unrecognized and within a short period of using drugs and taking alcohol an individual can jump into a trap of addiction. Alcohol and drug addiction lead to very negative consequence in every aspect of a person's life. Only close ones of suffering can recognize their problem of addiction and take the necessary steps to bring them into a sober life. In this article, we have discussed some points that will help you understand if your loved one is suffering from addiction and needs recovery from it.

Here are some physical symptoms that are signs of addiction

  1. The intake of a large amount of alcohol and drug can cause many physical problems to the human body. However, the physical changes may depend on the particular type of drug an individual's body to react but, there are some common unexplained changes in a person's activities of daily living which are as follows.
  2. Weight gain or weight loss within the short period of time due to a sudden change in appetite is a symptom of drug or alcohol addiction.
  3. A person suffering from Alcohol or drug abuse does not maintain proper personal hygiene.
  4. The individual does not have proper sleep cycle like sleeping too much or start suffering insomnia.
  5. A person suffers from nausea, vomiting or excessive sweating, runny nose or a hacking cough and sometimes even causes nose bleeding.
  6. Drug and alcohol overdose effects eyes making bloodshot eyes or pupils of eyes seem smaller and larger than normal size.
  7. It is most common that a person does not have full control over their physical actions which often lead to the misbalancing body, shaky hands, and extreme hyperactive or even excessive talkativeness.
  8. Symptoms of addiction also include skin problems including acne breakout, puffy face, blushing and paleness.
  9. Always are in the anxious mood and feel depressed.
  10. They have low energy and unusual body odors.

Apart from physical changes, there are also numerous behavioral changes that might be signs of the addiction. If you feel your loved one is suffering from such symptoms then you must take their intervention and convince them to take alcohol or drug addiction treatment including Hope Treatment Recovery to bring back their hope in sober living lifestyle. A good hope treatment can help them recover from addiction and also prevent them from relapse.