Postoperative Cardiac Care and Crowdfunding


Many people suffer from heart related issues that are not considered major ailments, such as high blood pressure or cholesterol, and most of the time it can be managed by medications. But sometimes, the heart condition may be a bit more severe than that, ranging from coronary artery disease, angina, congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy, and even ultimate heart failure. In such cases, one would require crucial treatment i.e. surgery.

The risks and financial implications associated to surgery are not unknown, especially in case of open heart surgery. But one aspect that is often neglected is the phase after the surgery where postoperative steps need to be taken to ensure full recovery of the patient. This aspect is often forgotten even when accounting for the expenses of the surgery itself. Families and caregivers don’t realize that arranging funds for the surgery alone is not enough. This is where crowdfunding India can play a major role in helping families overcome financial troubles of long term medical expenses.

When you speak about postoperative care after a major cardiac surgical procedure, below are some costs that patients and caregivers would encounter:

  1. Intensive care expenditure immediately after the surgery, which can only be determined by the improvement seen in the patient. ICU care can often go on for days after surgical procedures, which accelerates the cost drastically.

  1. Medical professionals usually recommend routine lab tests in the post surgery phase to ensure no complications will take place.

  1. Medical equipment and aid for home, such as breathing aid, may have to be purchased or rented by caregivers.

  1. Sometimes, unexpected surgical complications require separate treatment, which can be quite expensive.

  1. Medications in case of heart patients are usually necessary to be taken for a lifetime, making it a vital long term expenditure.

  1. Cardiac rehabilitation programs are conducted to help patients bring their life back to normal as quick and safely as possible. These include exercise, physical therapy.

  1. Mental health of patients, who’ve recently undergone critical surgery, is of utmost importance. Making them attend counselling sessions or support groups with other survivors may help in coping with emotional difficulties. Needless to say that this too would greatly increase postoperative financial expenses

Many individuals are turning to fundraising for postoperative and long term medical expenses. Encouraging a crowdfunding India, is a great way for patients to meet expenses like doctor’s fees, tests, medications, and other costs. If you, or anyone you know is affected by a heart disease and needs treatment, help them raise funds for it, by starting a crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru today. A crowdfunding India has the potential to facilitate a heart healthy India!