Quick overview of Platelet Rich Plasma treatment for skin and hair!

There are a bunch of anti-aging treatments available today, but if you are looking for something natural and effective, Platelet Rich Plasma might fit the bill. PRP, as it is known, is a regenerative treatment which has other applications as well, especially for the treatment of certain injuries. Is Platelet Rich Plasma treatment right for you? Below are some of the aspects worth considering.

Benefits of PRP

To understand Mesolift better, you need to know that PRP uses platelets from your own blood to treat the mesoderm of the targeted skin. An “automated air pressure injection” system is used for the procedure, which doesn’t cause any pain. This treatment is ideal for treating lines around the neck, eyes and mouth, and doctors may also recommend it for thinning under-eye skin. It is also a great treatment for reducing the appearance of acne scars. Suffering from hair loss? PRP is also one of the best treatments for hair loss, as platelet rich plasma is injected directly into the scalp, allowing hair follicles to be regenerated.

How does it work?

Before you consider PRP, please take your time to find a good clinic. Known names like Clinique anti aging offer information on the procedure and will offer other options as well so that you can make an informed choice. The procedure involves a few steps, the first of which is to take blood from the patient. The blood is then spun in centrifuge to separate RBC and WBC. Platelet plasma collected is then injected into the area, which helps in stimulating the different growth factors and also aids the body in producing collagen, which slows down the signs of aging.

Do I qualify for PRP treatment for skin and hair?

Your doctor is the best person to take a call on this. If you are taking medications that impact the platelet count or blood thinners, experts may not recommend this for you. Most healthy people can use PRP for skin and hair, and it is safe for most adults, regardless of the age and other factors.

If you want to use PRP, consult a known clinic to know more. Keep in mind that this procedure may work differently in different people, so having a realistic idea of the results is important. Don’t shy away from asking questions while seeking consultation and consider the costs, because insurance may not cover such cosmetic procedures.