Role of Zirconia abutments in dental implantology

One of the widely used esthetic implant abutment options is the custom zirconia abutment. It has been used for many years in the clinical sector with a different variety of implant brands. It has also been used for various clinical situations. This is an esthetic abutment that is versatile and can be designed by CAD/CAM. Scanning a wax-up and following it by abutment milling is another way of designing it. The zirconia abutment can be created and designed efficiently; this is what makes it unique and better than other custom abutment options. When it comes to customizing the zirconia abutment, certain areas need to get scrutinized.

Importance and Benefits of Dental Implants

Listed below are the importance and benefits of dental implants that you should have a sound knowledge about:

One of the major uses of dental implants is that it helps to strengthen and maintain the bone structure. This means that they do a lot for more than simply replacing teeth. By preserving the bone structure, they also help to strengthen the existing teeth.

The dental implants act as the anchor for the replaced tooth.

As Mastication is a very important dental process, it rehabilitates the process of restoration. After the manufacturing of the implant supported a denture, the forces used in the process of chewing are passed to the surrounding bone as same as in the case of natural teeth.

Disturbance in the normal speech can be seen when the front upper teeth get missing. It is known to all that these teeth have a significant role in a pronunciation. The teeth implant does wonder in fixing these teeth from their root.

It doesn't require the weakening and grinding down of adjacent teeth, as is necessary in case of placing a dental bridge. It also protects the bones that are present underneath the missing teeth. By protecting these bones, the stability of the adjacent teeth and the shape of your jaw will be maintained.

Role of the Zirconia abutments

Listed below are the things that you should know about the zirconia abutments.

Zirconia abutments can be made with metal inserted into it, or it can also be made as a single piece. It is very clear that the type of additional attachment to the fixture apparently influences the power or strength of the particular zirconia abutment. Zirconia abutments that are only made with a screw can survive less than the ones that made with metal.

Zirconia is a well-studied structure of the polymorphic type which is present in the form of three crystals: Cubic (C), Tetragonal (T) and Monoclinic (M). Zirconia stays monoclinic when it has been kept at room temperature. After that, it gets transformed into the tetragonal phase at around 1170 degree Celsius; it is then followed by the transformation into the cubic phase when kept at 2370 degree Celsius.

It is known to all that the mouth of an individual is a humid milieu. It has an average constant temperature of around 36 degree Celsius. The Zirconia abutments are made in an antibacterial way so that they can be kept free from bacteria that can easily invade. The zirconia abutments are very reliable in the region of the anterior or anterior region from both mechanical and biological points of view. It sometimes represents a surface of the material that is less attractive for plaque retention in comparison to titanium. Various clinical studies also made one thing pretty sure that zirconia abutment can easily function without per-implant lesions or fracture.

According to the results of the recent studies, it is found that the zirconia abutments have performed well over the following years. The percentage of both biological and technical complications was pretty low. The good thing is that most of the patients are very much satisfied with their respective restorations. There were also no drastic changes in registrations of any peri-implant marginal bone level or any of the soft tissue.

It is clear as to how dental implants help in protecting your teeth and especially the modern dental invention in the form of Zirconia abutments helps in dental implantology.