Seizures Can Be Limited By Using Cannabis, According to Leading English University

A research project conducted by notable English scientists has found that by using cannabis on a regular basis, epilepsy sufferers were able to reduce the number of seizures they experienced on a day to day basis. Whilst more research needs to be done into this area, the research shines a positive light on how cannabis can be used for this purpose. This research also ties in neatly with the large amount of anecdotal evidence that exists.

But what strains are able to help with this? Here are a few we recommend.

Grape Kush

Grape Kush has a low concentration of cannabidiol, with a concentration measuring in at 2%. Try take this before you go to bed for the best results, as it can make you feel quite lethargic if you use it during the day. In terms of taste, it is a great sweet grape like flavour which is rather tasty! Not only does this strain reduce seizures, according to epileptic patients, it also improves the user’s mood and is great for combatting symptoms of depression.

Key Lime Pie

Another alternative is the ever-popular Key Lime Pie. This is a strain that is an Indica-dominant hybrid and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence online that points to the reduction of seizures experienced by sufferers. In terms of taste, expect a refreshing mint flavour with a hint of spice. It comes with a lot of great reviews, so this is a great long-term strain to use for the reduction of seizures.

The strain is also a common treatment route for people who suffer chronic pain. The strain is perfect for beginners as it is not considered to be too strong.

Charlotte’s Web

Thirdly, we would recommend Charlotte’s Web. Beware though, it is quite a strong strain, so the name of the strain hides the strength. There is not a large psychoactive effect, thanks to the CBD concentration. The origins of this strain are particularly interesting because it was actually created for sufferers of seizures, and the name itself is borne from the tiny trichomes which look like a web of a spider. The strain is suitable for use both during the day and at night.

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