When I go to the doctor for a problem I have almost always walked away with a prescription to treat my symptoms. I used to be on six asthma medications. After a time I started to wean myself off of them with doctor supervision. Some people die of asthma symptoms, but mine was never that severe. I got to the point I have not used any medication for it now for years! When I was having trouble with menopause, I looked into supplements such as the Vitex chaste tree berry to help me with symptoms rather than going straight for the synthetic pharmaceutical treatment my doctor could prescribe. I will only try things under the supervision of my doctor due to having a history of health issues. However, I would recommend that anyone who wants to try a supplement run it passed their doctor first just to be safe.

Also, if you are going to buy a supplement, make sure you trust the company to actually have the ingredients you are looking for in the product you are buying. You should call the company to get a report of where they source their raw materials and ingredients used in the product you are buying. It is good to know the supply chain of things like that as supplements do not have the rigid regulations that drugs have. However, I must admit that I do get concerned about pharmaceuticals that are coming out of countries that have recalls on drugs. Yes, it happens more often than you might think.

Keep in mind that supplements contain active ingredients that do something in your body. Yes, it is often a natural substance. Digoxin from the foxglove plant is also natural, but it is also a heart medicine. It is important to follow the dosing recommended on the bottle of the supplement, and you should only take more if your doctor advises you too. This is often the case for things such as vitamin D3. Supplements can be very helpful in managing symptoms of a lot of things, but just be sure you are getting what you are paying for and to use them wisely.

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