Vaping draws in massive crowd because of advantages over tobacco

The various side effects of cigarette smoking have been exposed time and time again. The risks it poses include lung cancer, severe brain damage, and loss of sense of smell, just to name a few. Despite the nasty dangers cigarette smoking poses, people are finding it hard to do away with their habit. However, with vaping now more popular than ever, cigarette smoking could be made into a thing of the past a lot easier.

Healthy Living Benefits notes that customers have said that they have felt better after they have shifted to vaping. Without the harmful effects of smoking tobacco, their lungs, heart and overall health improved. In addition to relieving the cigarette smokers from the adverse health effects of tobacco, vaping also gets rid of bad breath odors and discolored teeth and skin.

The vape market is continuously growing as more people are being drawn into the e-cigarettes and vapes. According to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), there are over 90 million vape users in the world and nearly half of those vapers reside in the United States.

Business Insider reports that the market is expected to be valued at $61 billion globally by 2025. Some of the factors that will contribute to the success of the sector include the variety of flavors vape liquids come in, and of course, the various advantages it has over cigarette smoking. Also, since tobacco prices continue to rise, vaping has become the cheaper alternative as users only have to replace e-liquids from time to time instead of buying a pack of cigarettes on a regular basis.

PotNetwork merging CBD and vaping through quality products

The Market Moguls Stephen Bitsoli notes that vaping is “big business.” Its popularity among tobacco smokers and non-smokers is helping it propel into becoming a bigger market.

The unprecedented growth in the industry is not only drawing in newcomers into the vaping culture, it is also attracting companies who work to improve the vape industry with their research and products. Among them is cannabidiol (CBD) industry leader PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN), which guarantees only the best products for their customers.

PotNetwork distributes the finest and purest CBD product offerings in the market through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Diamond CBD. The company has an extensive selection of CBD products which range from edibles to pet items. Diamond CBD’s impressive inventory also includes vape pens, additives, and liquids infused with the miracle compound.

One of Diamond CBD’s best sellers in the vape section is the Vape Additive. It's a versatile product that can be added to various e-liquids. Most importantly, it is a powerful and pure concentrate of CBD, meaning users get the most out of the health benefits of the compound.

Another upside to vaping CBD extracts is that the compound will be absorbed faster to the bloodstream of the user, so the effects will take their course a lot faster.

Vaping is constantly evolving because of the products that industry leaders bring to the table. With CBD producers incorporating the compound into vape liquids, the demand in both sectors is certainly going to get a boost.