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WaeRebo, Labuan Bajo

Among the most famous and distinctive are the traditional architectural marvels of the Manggarai homes. In just some areas still exist. WaeRebo in Labuan Bajo is the best present example. These traditional home were prevalent in the majority of the Manggarai district. Presently a few surviving houses - known as MbaruNiang, exist at the village of WaeRebo. To go to the village of WaeRebo is not easy, which cannot be got vehicles because of lack of roads. The visitor must Use steep footpaths, along the sides of a steep ravine. The road remains rocky, together with the chirping of birds, the clouds and cold shrouded in fog, and the amount of insects, make the excursion in the village of WaeRebo feel hard.

With tropics rain mountains and green valleys enfold sexy this specific village. It's WaeRebo, a village which became the only area maintaining the rest of standard architecture Manggarai culture that is increasingly threatened by dwindling people and dropped wisdom. Why the homes are and of this origin remains a large question mark, except for a little bit of info from the story tradition of their own community who's the 18th production. Here, a village with various other villages further apart gaping valley between hills veiled fog in the end of the tree.

Hamlet WaeRebo so distant that villagers in one district are still many who don't recognize the presence of this village. Much like Denge village, the nearest village to WaeRebo has not turned into a neighboring village since it has not been at WaeRebo. Whilst citizens of the Netherlands, France, Germany, in the united states and a couple of Asian countries were very stunned beauty of her home village as an umbrella made from palm leaves or thatch called mbaruniang. It may take approximately 3-4 hours for first-time visitors, whilst the villagers WaeRebo just takes two hours. Trails can be slick and steep turns complicate visitors go there.

In fact, the government provided to help repair roads and instructional centers, but people reject it and confront WaeRebo would love to retain the culture. Conservation of traditional house MbaruNiang, mentioned UNESCO has managed to safeguard the conservation problems in the wide coverage in the neighborhood level. Conservation projects conical customized house isn't merely keep the presence of standard homes as an inanimate object, but at the exact same time maintaining the integrity of their neighborhood tradition. WaeRebo village therefore familiar to international wisatawan, while for the people of Indonesia are attracted attention. Maybe as a result of human factor Indonesia prefers playing tour, thus ignoring cultural tourism. Surprisingly again se subdistrict where is located the village of WaeRebo was, if asked nevertheless many who've been there.

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