Ways to Keep A Healthy Heart: Healthy Heart is a Happy

You should follow these steps regularly that will make your heart healthy and will keep your heart strong for a long time.

Cardiovascular disease is the world’s biggest killer. Most people die out of ischemic heart disease and stroke combined, and the number of deaths occurred is 15.2 million in 2016. These two diseases are the leading cause of deaths in the last 15 years.

World’s Heart Day is on September 29th, and you should check your heart and ensure how is it feeling and doing. You will know are you good to your heart or you have ignored it. Your heart deserves love and affection from you.

You should know how to keep your heart health USA.

The heart is the center of the whole system, so these are the things you can do to keep it healthy and happy:

  1. Regular Exercise: You should strengthen the muscles of your heart by doing regular exercise. Like any other muscle of your body, the heart also needs exercises of contracting and releasing on a fast pace. Strong muscle will help your heart to beat nicely. Regular exercise will also help to burn out the fats that get deposited on your artery, ensuring good blood flow.

From the below-mentioned exercises, you can just pick up one exercise that you would regularly do, i.e., 6 days a week for 30 minutes.

  • Run
  • Cycle
  • Swim
  • Kickboxing or Zumba or aerobics
  • Sports such as badminton, football, tennis, etc.
  • Jog
  • Walk
  1. Eat foods that are good for your heart, at least add one of the below-mentioned foods parts of your every meal; you can also select between them or switch between these foods:
  • spinach
  • oatmeal
  • avocado
  • salmon
  • nuts
  • olive oil
  • legumes
  • berries
  • pure chocolate (100 percent)
  1. Processed foods, oily foods, fried foods, and artificial sugars should be avoided as they are known as artery-clogging foods.
  2. Anti-aging properties should be consumed, such as green tea or coffee.
  3. Red wine should be consumed at least one glass per day, but not more than that.
  4. Meditation is good for your heart. It reduces stresses. Even if you can meditate 10 minutes per day, that’s going to very helpful for you. It will help your heart to pump at a normal speed.
  5. You should do one activity every day which will help you stay happy. The activity should be enjoyable, such as, play crossword, watch comedy shows, phone a person whom you enjoy talking with, read a book or any activity that is enjoyable for you.
  6. Every year you should make a checkup of your health.
  7. If you can, follow a routine regularly. Following a particular routine will lower your stress.
  8. If you can clutter out all the things that are negative around you. Suppose if you don’t like your desk, change it; if you don’t like the cupboard, buy a new one; friends who annoy you, don’t let them near you; each and every negative thing around you need to get clutter out of your life.
  9. Take your time alone sometimes without using phones, television, etc. This is your time to relax.
  10. Your environment makes your mind, so try to make it as beautiful as you can.