Why Winter is the Best Time for Plastic Surgery

Winter’s cool temperatures make it the best time for plastic surgery, so if you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, schedule it during the winter months.

Whether you want more voluptuous breasts, a tighter tummy or a facelift, it’s recommended that you schedule your surgery between June and August.

Surgeons have found that the colder months offer a number of additional benefits that will speed up your recovery.

Here are 4 reasons why winter is a prime time for plastic surgery:

Have a “staycation”

Rest is the best way to see optimal results and because you’re more likely to stay indoors when it’s colder, your body can get the rest it needs to fully recover from your surgical procedure. Winter is the perfect time to schedule a surgery staycation, with follow up visits with your surgeon being the only reason you need to leave the house.

Since your children will also be in school, you won’t have to do more than you need to while you heal. Your staycation will allow you to fully focus on your own needs and ensures you can follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions. Reduced activity and stress will prevent scarring and complications because the better you feel, the faster you will heal.

Cooler temperatures make covering up easy

For most plastic surgery patients, swelling and bruising are par for the course. Since these side effects can take a few weeks to fade, it can be slightly uncomfortable to walk around in public. Fortunately, the colder weather allows you to add extra layers of clothing so that your bruises and swelling can go unnoticed. Shire Cosmetic clinic in Sydney is specialised in nose jobs and recommends that patients worry less about how they look and instead use this time to watch TV, read a book and be in their pyjamas as they heal.

Staying out of the sun is simple

The sun can wreak havoc on your skin, even more so when your skin is trying to heal after surgery. Spending too much time outside in the sun means that wounds take longer to heal and infections become more common. Since there are fewer daylight hours in winter, staying out of the sun becomes a lot easier to do. Plus, most people tend to spend more time indoors when it’s cold outside.

Get summer ready

If you want to step out with confidence during the warmer months, winter is the ideal time to book the surgery you’ll need to achieve your summer body. Surgery during summer is possible but with schedules being so much busier, winter just makes more sense. Once summer comes around and you’re completely healed, you can spend more time doing the things you love such as taking holidays and spending time with family and friends.