You will be surprise to know that almost over 23 Millions of Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol. These addictions not only affect their health but also affect their families, finance, physical and mental health. But it is sad that only 1 out of 10 addicts seek medical help to get rid of this.

Drug addiction is increasing at an alarming rate affecting the friends and family of the patient. Drug Rehab in Orange County, CA is the place where you can get best treatment for this problem. You must be wondering that what we treat?

Treatment Procedures:

There are two different methods for this drug treatment. They are the inpatient and outpatient methods. Both the methods have their pros and cons. The effectiveness depends on the family support and care of the patient.

Outpatient – Outpatient treatment method, allows the patient to stay at his home. He can stay with his family and fulfill his work and personal commitments. This method is very cost effective as the expenses of staying in a rehab are cut down to zero. However the patient is allowed to attend the counseling and treatment sessions regularly. The patient can fulfill his social responsibilities as well. This methods demands a lot o self control and motivation by the patient. There are chances of relapse if the patient becomes weak and restart his addiction. The patients who are suffering from moderate addiction can chose this method.

Inpatient – Inpatient procedures is undertaken for the patients who are chronically addicted from the drug and alcohol intake. The patients are taken into the care of rehab center for a period of around 28-90 days as per the requirement of the treatment. Activities like exercise, counseling sessions, learning sessions, motivational sessions, therapies, etc are included. The main motive of this method is to improve every single aspect of the patient that compels them to get addicted. This program requires higher support from the family and the friends of the patients. This treatment method allows the patient to disconnect himself from the worldly affairs and get a hold on himself and get a self control.

Process of the Treatment

  1. Intake – The initial stage includes the admission procedures of the patient. This procedure is somewhat different from the regular ones. The patient is required to disclose his entire medical and addiction history to the concerned doctors. A detailed chart is being prepared based on the discussion for further reference.
  2. Detoxification – This process is undertaken to control the withdrawal process of the patient. This is the most important stage of the treatment. Doctors, nurse and psychiatrists keep a constant check on the progress of the patient.
  3. Treatment – This stage will help the patient to divert his mind and help him get a control on his mind. Medications shall be continued though. These activities are done in order to prevent the relapse.
  4. Education – This is the last stage in which the patient is allowed to work and learn in groups of other people. This will help them get a better self control on their addiction.

Well we are into treatment of drug and alcohol addictions. We aim to make this treatment easy as much as possible. The process generally starts with the detoxification and ends with a maintenance and aftercare procedures.

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