4 Tips To Maximizing Willpower In Addiction Recovery

“Willpower isn’t something that gets handed out to some and not to others. It is a skill you can develop through understanding and practice.” -Gillian Riley

The old and played out stereotype of addicts used to be clear: If you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol, then you’re inherently a weak person. That used to be the standard judgment for the case of addiction. It’s not anymore.

Ever since alcoholism was classified as a disease by the American Medical Association in 1956, research has continued to prove that it has nothing to do with a person’s lack of willpower. Addiction is now generally attributed to a genetic susceptibility rather than a choice. Factors such as depression, self-esteem, and environment also contribute to the development of the condition.

In my case, I can attest to the fact that my low self-esteem played a big part in my downward spiral into addiction. It started at age nine with alcohol, marijuana at 13 and meth shortly thereafter. After almost a decade of substance abuse, I finally got the wake-up call I needed in the form of a jail sentence. My drug-related charges had me spend two years in jail.

When I got out, my willpower was at an all-time high. I was ready to start over with a blank slate. I learned the hard way that willpower isn’t enough to get you to a sober life. My relapse was brutal, and my family and I decided it was time to check into a rehab clinic.

The thing is, willpower works like a muscle. If it is overused, it becomes exhausted. That’s what happened to me. Yet, self-control is crucial to recovery. I mentioned that willpower isn’t enough on its own, but it’s still essential. Take 12 Step programs, for example.

The structure of a 12 Step program is to have the individual accept that they are powerless to drugs and alcohol. The effectiveness of those programs is that once you accept your situation, you then find the will to recover.

Just like any other muscle, willpower needs to be developed in order to be effective. Here are 4 ways you can build your self-control and apply it to your goals:

1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Temptation is among one of the top reasons for relapse in recovering addicts. Reducing the temptation is therefore crucial in maintaining sobriety. This could mean changes in your environment, such as spending less time with people who drink or do drugs. If you’re afraid that by going to a bar with some friends will tempt you to have a drink, then don’t go with them. You can always explain your situation.

In a workplace study, employees were given candy containers and researchers monitored how much they ate. When the candies were placed in the desk drawer, there was a 25% drop in the amount of candies that the employees ate. The same applies to anything which tempts you. Whether it’s candy, drugs, or alcohol, keeping your environment clean from temptation reduces your cravings.

2. Implementation Intention

This is a popular theory in the field of psychology. It works through the concept of having a plan, and understanding that every action has a consequence. A common way to practice implementation intention is to create “if-then” statements. They are used to anticipate upcoming situations to practice your reaction when they arise. Here are some examples of my “if-then” statements during my recovery:

  • If someone offers me a drink at my father’s birthday party, then I’ll ask for a sparkling water instead.
  • If I start to crave a drink, then I’ll go for a run to relieve some stress.
  • If my friend asks me if I want to get high, then I’ll say that I don’t do that anymore.
  • If I start to feel depressed, then I’ll practice a new hobby.

All of these were life-savers when those situations eventually came up. Believe me, they came up. I was able to respond immediately with my practiced reactions, thus not even contemplating a bad choice. A study performed on teenagers who struggled to achieve their goals showed positive results when they were taught how to use implementation intention.

3. More Glucose

Research has built a case for willpower being a resource in the brain which can deplete if it is used too much (think of the muscle comparison). If that’s the case, then it needs fuel to be replenished. As it turns out, glucose is the necessary energy source.

In a study, individuals were placed in a room with freshly baked cookies, chocolates and radishes. One group was allowed all three foods, and the other could only eat the radishes. The group which could only eat radishes showed signs of temptation shortly after being placed in the room.

Afterward, both groups were given an unsolvable puzzle. Those who ate the cookies lasted around 20 minutes, and those who ate the radishes lasted roughly 8 minutes. Remember, we’re talking about regular blood-sugar levels. This isn’t an excuse to eat more refined sugar. Look into some healthy meals to maintain healthy blood-sugar levels.

4. Achieve Your Goals One By One

As time passes, more and more studies show that having a list of New Year’s resolutions is a strategy which is prone to failure. Let’s say you have multiple goals like losing weight, eating healthier, and saving more money. If your willpower depletes in one of those areas, then the other areas will be affected as well. You’ll end up abandoning multiple goals at once.

Instead, focus on one goal at a time. When you dedicate the time necessary to improving one aspect of your life, you’ll then have the drive to move onto other goals afterward. Once you have successfully implemented a new habit into your life, you no longer have to focus on dedicating willpower to maintaining it.

In life, there are some things you can’t control. It was immensely difficult for me to accept my situation and find the drive to change it. Addiction ruins not only the lives of those who abuse the substances, but also of those around them. I was able to rebuild my relationships with my friends and family, when other people unfortunately don’t have that kind of opportunity. Having blank slate and finding strength in new beginnings played a major role in my recovery. These tips aren’t only limited to addiction, they can be applied in other parts of your life which require willpower as well.

How have you maintained your willpower in your life? Comment below!

Benefits Of Going Into An Alcohol Rehab


You will be surprise to know that almost over 23 Millions of Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol. These addictions not only affect their health but also affect their families, finance, physical and mental health. But it is sad that only 1 out of 10 addicts seek medical help to get rid of this.

Drug addiction is increasing at an alarming rate affecting the friends and family of the patient. Drug Rehab in Orange County, CA is the place where you can get best treatment for this problem. You must be wondering that what we treat?

Treatment Procedures:

There are two different methods for this drug treatment. They are the inpatient and outpatient methods. Both the methods have their pros and cons. The effectiveness depends on the family support and care of the patient.

Outpatient – Outpatient treatment method, allows the patient to stay at his home. He can stay with his family and fulfill his work and personal commitments. This method is very cost effective as the expenses of staying in a rehab are cut down to zero. However the patient is allowed to attend the counseling and treatment sessions regularly. The patient can fulfill his social responsibilities as well. This methods demands a lot o self control and motivation by the patient. There are chances of relapse if the patient becomes weak and restart his addiction. The patients who are suffering from moderate addiction can chose this method.

Inpatient – Inpatient procedures is undertaken for the patients who are chronically addicted from the drug and alcohol intake. The patients are taken into the care of rehab center for a period of around 28-90 days as per the requirement of the treatment. Activities like exercise, counseling sessions, learning sessions, motivational sessions, therapies, etc are included. The main motive of this method is to improve every single aspect of the patient that compels them to get addicted. This program requires higher support from the family and the friends of the patients. This treatment method allows the patient to disconnect himself from the worldly affairs and get a hold on himself and get a self control.

Process of the Treatment

  1. Intake – The initial stage includes the admission procedures of the patient. This procedure is somewhat different from the regular ones. The patient is required to disclose his entire medical and addiction history to the concerned doctors. A detailed chart is being prepared based on the discussion for further reference.
  2. Detoxification – This process is undertaken to control the withdrawal process of the patient. This is the most important stage of the treatment. Doctors, nurse and psychiatrists keep a constant check on the progress of the patient.
  3. Treatment – This stage will help the patient to divert his mind and help him get a control on his mind. Medications shall be continued though. These activities are done in order to prevent the relapse.
  4. Education – This is the last stage in which the patient is allowed to work and learn in groups of other people. This will help them get a better self control on their addiction.

Well we are into treatment of drug and alcohol addictions. We aim to make this treatment easy as much as possible. The process generally starts with the detoxification and ends with a maintenance and aftercare procedures.

Dental Implants Can Give You Back Your Smile

When you lose a tooth, it can impact your oral health as a whole. In addition to inhibiting your ability to eat certain foods or speak properly, just one missing tooth can cause the other teeth to shift. They’ll become crooked to compensate for the gap and may cause you to develop an overbite, as a result. These are just some of the problems that can develop from one or more missing teeth, but advances in cosmetic dentistry can help correct the problem.

Today, dental implants can imitate the appearance and the full functioning of the missing tooth. The implant, itself, replaces the root of the tooth and helps to stop the bone loss the infections of the gums that are common, when a tooth is lost. The upper portion of the implant, known as the crown, is held in place by the abutment and a screw, restoring your complete smile. In cases where there may be several teeth missing, a bridge can be created, making use of two implants. Either a bridge or a single implant can help restore the stability of your teeth.

There are certain factors that dentists look for in determining which patients are good candidates for Brooklyn dental implants . Primarily, the patient must be in a good state of health and should have healthy gums. They must still have enough bone, so the implant can be securely set in place. If there has been too much bone loss, the dentist may graft bone to the area, which helps anchor the implant and will encourage future natural bone growth. Once the bone has been rebuilt, the implant procedure can move forward.

Your dentist will also want to make sure you’re going to take good care of your teeth, which means following his instructions precisely. Just like natural teeth, a dental implant can become damaged, if it’s not properly maintained. This means brushing, flossing, and rinsing diligently, so decay and infection will be less likely. Proper oral care will ensure your implants and your remaining natural teeth will last much longer and help restore your smile to its former beauty.

Holistic Health For Beginners: Strategies, Solutions, And Suggestions

People who want to ensure that they lead rewarding, fulfilling lives should know that failing to cultivate health will preclude them from doing so. Luckily, there are numerous strategies that individuals can implement to cultivate mental, physical, and social health. Here are three of them:

1. Take Time To Cultivate Great Relationships.

Research studies regarding the health benefits that result from maintaining positive relationships abound. However, it’s safe to say that many if not most people experience various challenges when they attempt to cultivate healthy relationships with other individuals. If this is your dilemma, note that there are a wide range of strategies that you can deploy to begin developing strong, positive relationships with people. One strategy that many individuals have found particularly beneficial is locating like-minded people. Thus if you have a passion for something specific like yoga or vegan eating, it might be advantageous for you to seek out other individuals with similar interests. Doing so will ensure that you can connect with the other person in an authentic manner.

2. Optimize Your Workout Routine.

In addition to taking time to cultivate great relationships, make sure that you’re continually examining and optimizing your workout routine. This step is important because it will ensure that you’re optimizing your body’s ability to complete key processes such as nutrient uptake and hormonal regulation. Luckily, there are hundreds of exercise optimization techniques an individual can use to get the most out of the time they spend engaging in physical activity. One technique that people find particularly beneficial is doing at least one High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session in per week. These types of workouts are important and effective because they involve doing intense cardiovascular exercises for a short period of time, thereby enhancing the body’s fat-burning potential!

3. Obtain Great Medical Care.

One final strategy that can help an individual cultivate or maintain holistic health is obtaining great medical care. Doing so will help you identify potential problems, attain diagnostic care, and receive preventive services so that you can keep your mind and body in exemplary condition. If you’re currently seeking Tenet Florida Physician Services, consider scheduling a consultation with Dr Mattew Klein.


Individuals who are serious about attaining holistic care should know that they can use strategies such as cultivating great relationships and optimizing their workout routines to do so. Obtaining great medical care is a third strategy that can yield substantive results. Start using these holistic health care techniques now so you can begin to thrive mentally, physically, and socially!

Paleo Irish Soda Bread & Paleo Zucchini Cranberry Recipes

Whether you are following a special diet program or just want to take it uncomplicated on Turkey Day, try these easy, lighter takes on classic Thanksgiving recipes. Chicken wing is usually 1 of the best dishes to be served in any gatherings with good friends or households. Heart Healthy Household Cooking African American Style consists of recipes for 26 tasty and favorite African American dishes, prepared in a heart healthy way, as effectively as cooking recommendations and heart healthy meals substitutions. Healthy recipes had not acceptable compliance in the past for the reason that individuals typically comprehended that one thing healthy would not taste excellent.

Deliciously Healthy Loved ones Meals includes 40 kid-tested healthy, scrumptious, and speedy recipes, along with cooking recommendations and strategies to get children involved in the kitchen. The classic Hungarian dish becomes a one-dish dinner in this healthier take, which is produced with skinless chicken breasts and brown rice. You manage cook a tasty meals in just 30 minutes, choosing a healthy recipe that can be prepared in incredibly tiny time tends to make it achievable to make healthy food extra usually which is excellent for you and your health.

You can wow your loved ones and amaze your close friends by preparing healthy recipes that are scrumptious and rapid and in the time it requires to alter from your perform clothes into a cooking apron, you might be capable to prepare healthy recipes for diners of all ages, even young youngsters who can understand to avoid obesity by studying all about healthy foods from an early age.

Vibrant pineapple salsa flavored with ginger and Chinese five-spice powder requires this weeknight pork chop dinner out of the ordinary. Various recipes are made to make life a lot easier for active people by employing components such as fresh vegetables and spices for blending to give the nutritional components necessary to hold power levels. Or, try a turkey twist: Add two cups finely minced turkey meat along with the peas.

Eating healthy does not imply taking hours in the kitchen or cutting out selection. If you say you don’t have time to commit a number of hours in the kitchen preparing healthy recipes but you want to be positive that you serve your household the finest alternatives accessible, there are lots of healthy recipes written with you in thoughts. Study how to cook the fantastic Christmas turkey this year with this informative recipe. Chicken has been a family members favourite and a cook’s standby considering the fact that our earliest days.

The natural Omega-three fats in salmon make it a fantastic choice for a healthy meal that does not want a great deal added fat. I lined up all of my freezer bags across the counter and just dumped the correct amount of veggies for every single recipe in the respective bags (see beneath). It is very very simple to prepare and with some rapid and uncomplicated high-quality recipes you may have a meal with tofu any day within the week.