When you are disabled, you realize how challenging everyday life can be. Practical tasks like taking a shower can be a time consuming and difficult task if you have to use fixtures designed for able-bodied individuals. In the worst case scenario, you may have to forgo taking a shower altogether.

Rather than give up on the chance to get clean, you may want to take advantage of options designed for people with limited abilities. Fixtures like shower chairs, swings, and mobile ada showers could give you the privacy and accessibility you need to take care of your own hygiene needs.


When you use a walker or wheelchair, you know how difficult it can be to get in and out of non-ADA rooms. The doorways are too narrow for you to get your mobility devices in and out of easily. You may have to have someone carry you in and out of the room or just not go into the room at all.

Not being able to come and go as you need to can be embarrassing and frustrating. You may feel like you are being discriminated against and purposely shut out of spaces. You also may feel like you are helpless and at the beck and call of able-bodied people.

The mobile showers, however, are designed to be ADA-accessible and accommodating for people who use mobility devices. You can go up and down the ramp comfortably, knowing you have enough room to use your wheelchair or walker. You also can get in and out of the doorway of the shower easily without having to rely on someone to help you.


Another advantage that comes with using this fixture involves having the privacy you need. You do not want to rely on people to assist you with such a private task. You prefer to be independent while you take a shower.

The fixtures are designed to allow you the privacy you need. You can enjoy the ability to shower and dress in private without others seeing what you are doing in the shower stall.

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