The need for hair transplant is on demand because hair loss has become quite common recently. Hair loss is the most common condition humans are facing right now. People all across the globe are suffering from baldness. But don’t’ you worry there are various hair transplant treatments which will help you to recover from this dreaded phase of baldness. In the simplest term, hair transplant is a process of extracting hair follicles mainly from back of your scalp or from other parts which are referred to as donor site. Then, they are transferred to the recipient site or the bald area. There are specific parameters that your doctor might look for before suggesting you any hair transplant. Before considering you an ideal candidate for hair transplant your doctor will look for the following things:

  • Your age and general health
  • Family history of baldness
  • Your expectations (try to keep it as realistic as possible)
  • You must have good density at your donor area
  • Your hair types

If you’re planning go for hair transplant then it’s obvious that there are lots of factor that you must consider. Fear and over thinking creeps in which makes it difficult for you to take decision. But the most important thing to do is to be well-informed. If you’re going for hair transplant then you should be well aware of the techniques, process and post-surgery care. People often have myths about hair transplant which we will bust in the below section:

Myth busters:

  • Hair transplant surgery are painful

Yes, you will have a little discomfort while your skin is anaesthetized. But this will be just for few seconds. Though the doctor will try to reduce the minimal pain either by cold sponging or by using a vibrator.

And, how will you know if you have chosen the doctor for your hair transplant?

The answer is Clinicspots! This website will help you find the best hair transplant doctors anywhere in the world. Moreover, it will also assist you in booking the appointments, compare services and cost offered by different doctors and clinics.

  • Hair transplant is only for men

Yes, the fact remains that more men suffer from baldness as compared to women. But women too can go for various hair transplant treatments that are available.

  • Immediate results after a hair transplant

As hair transplant is a slow process one shouldn’t expect for the immediate result. As it is always said patience is the virtue. The hair might start growing but they will fall in 3 to 6 weeks post-surgery. And after that the real growth starts probably after 4 months. You are expected to wait at least 6 to 8 months for good yield.

  • Can the hair be taken from the other person?

No, the hair follicles used are generally taken from other parts of the body of the same person.

  • Will washing my hair affect the growth?

No, this is just another myth. You should instead wash your hair to keep your scalp clean and infection free. Though you will be advised to avoid rubbing your scalp post-surgery. But after some period, your hair routine should be normal as before.

Some of the fascinating facts about hair transplant you should know

Hair transplant is the life transforming solution for all your hair woes. As we all know how baldness affects a person. It not only affects your overall appearance but also knock offs your confidence. The treatments will help you get back your confidence. Moreover, the hair that grows after the treatment gives a natural look, the texture, color and the feel everything. The safety concern is the biggest factor anyone will consider. These techniques are completely safe because the surgeon doesn’t use any chemical. Additionally, it’s a one-time process as you don’t need to attend the clinic again and again. Also, once the treatment is done you are just expected to take care of the transplanted hair apart from that the hair will continue to grow in their normal pace. No need to use any special shampoo or oil post-surgery.

Yet, another thing to keep in mind is the cost of the hair transplant. The hair transplant procedures are very demanding surgeries which need the full dedication of the surgeon and its staff. As soon as you realize that your hairline is receding you might first resort to cheap alternatives available in the market but that’s okay. But if you go for a cheap clinic just because they are charging less that doesn’t make any sense. The dedication of the surgeon, techniques used and the well-equipped clinic all combined can’t come cheap. So, you shouldn’t comprise on the quality when it comes to hair transplant treatments.

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