Drug addiction is a powerful habit to be de addicted from. Some drugs have very mild effects .If a person starts taking it for medicinal purpose and for time being, then they are less influential on health. On the other hand, some drugs are very seductive and a person is tempted to have more because of euphoric effects. These kinds of drugs are harmful and affect a person’s health drastically. Heroin falls under this category and has opioid features. A drug which on long term use results in death is called Opioid. Visit  https://anaheimlighthouse.com/blog/how-long-does-heroin-stay-in-your-system/  to know about Heroin can affect your body.

Cause of its development: Heroin was developed as a pain reliever and cough suppressor. The intention was to develop an alternative for morphine which had already got famous as opioid.

How is it used?

Injecting: It is injected in to the body through a vein or a muscle. This process is called “mainlining.” It can also be injected under the skin. This process is called “skin popping.”

Smoking: It is usually available in the form of white or brown powder, so it can be taken by smoking or snorting. But people prefer injecting Heroin as the resulting effects start within minutes of injecting.  Whereas in other methods the effect is slow and steady.  gives information about how long the drug stays in the body and its adverse effects.

Why is Heroin addiction dangerous?

  • As the preferred way of taking Heroin is by injecting it in to the body, there are high chances of contracting with diseases like HIV through the needles used for injection. In some countries, governments issue clean needles for Heroin adductors.
  • A person might develop skin problems like rashes and blood borne diseases
  • The arm of the deceased also hurts in many cases after shooting up.
  • Regular injecting of the drug affects the functionality of the body adversely and also weakens the muscles.
  • Respiratory depression is one of the most common side effects of Heroin. Also mental ill health, drowsiness, infection in heart valves and constipation were noticed among frequent users.
  • It is declared as Opioid drug by the Drug Administration Authority. Any drug, which after prolonged use leads to death is termed as Opioid.

Treatment for Heroin addiction:

The most popular treatments are behavioural therapy and medications.

Therapies like residential detox program and  Residential treatment facility focus on cleansing the body by giving minimal pain to the body. This rejuvenates the blood cells and muscular system. The patient is under constant supervision of the medical staff and is also offered regular medication.

Medicines used for Heroin addiction:

Naltexorone:  This medicine helps the patient in reducing the cravings and be steady while not allowing to go high.  It is FDA approved and is used immediately after detoxification.

Methadone: This can be taken as tablet or injection. Though it is opioid medicine it can be used to treat opioid addictions and terrible pains.

Buprenorphine is   also popular medicine used for Heroin addiction. Any drug should not be administered for longer period of time till the body gets addicted. It affects not only the physical body but also mental health.

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